I started my photography career at university, free-styling with my dad's 35mm film camera for a documentary series about the owners of dying hookah businesses on Edgware Road. The pictures were certainly not the best, but developing the negatives in the darkroom and seeing them emerge on paper in monochrome awakened my passion for telling human stories. My most recent project, Boardettes, encapsulates the spirit of female skateboarding; stealing moments of pain, passion and progress through words and images. I've spent the last 10 years capturing split-second instances and glimpses of raw expression, working to refine a natural style so that lighting, production and composition feel effortless. My focus on storytelling has led me to work with clients that value narrative as a tool for branding and editorial, including Kate Nash, C215, Lonely Planet, Huck Magazine, Gap, The Rio Times and Ted Talks.

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